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Gordon Parks Exhibition | MFAH
Dior Sauvage Film
Safety with Purpose | Chemex Global
Fall Festival Commercial | MFAH
Chemex Global
Le Jardinier | Celebrate
Jubilee Quilt Circle
Dynamic Fitness SugarLand
MFAH | Anne Wilkes Photography Center
MFAH Spring Commercial
ENG | About Us
Le Jardinier | Discover
Asia Society | Texas Patrons of the Year
Sherry & Art - Insta11ations
ENG + Seaboard
Vicki Meek | 2021 Texas Artist of the Year 02
The Art of Pride Documentary
Dynamic Fitness Commercial
Brown Auditorium Film
ENGlobal Houston
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Jay Clark Films is a Video Production Company based in Houston, TX. We are a team with our own unique skills but we operate as one on every project we take on. We have a passion for creating films and telling stories. Let's connect!
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